Medical Stop-Loss
Many Massachusetts cities and towns choose to self-insure their health insurance benefits since it makes the most sense financially. The Stop-Loss Division at Cook & Company Insurance Services, Inc. helps self-insured municipalities by managing all activities related to their stop-loss insurance policy. This is a critical task because stop-loss insurance provides reimbursement against large claims which makes self-insuring financially safe and predictable.

During the past few years, the municipal stop-loss market has seen much change. As insurance carriers come and go, and differences in stop-loss policy rates, terms and conditions vary greatly, we keep our clients ahead of the curve and provide the necessary details to make informed decisions. This enables us to deliver the most competitive, flexible and tailored solutions to our self-insured clients.
Since we manage the entire stop-loss process end-to-end, you have peace of mind. This includes evaluating claims history to determine the deductible limits and policy features that make the most financial sense, obtaining competitive quotes from top-rated insurance carriers, and tracking and filing stop-loss claims to ensure timely reimbursements are made under the policy.
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