Cook & Company Insurance Services, Inc. provides all-inclusive Injured-On-Duty services that include the advice, consultation and management of Injured-On-Duty claims under Massachusetts statutes (M.G.L. Chapter 41, Sections 100 and 111F), and the administration of Special Risk insurance (Injured-On-Duty insurance policy). The ability to offer this very broad and specialized scope of services is very unique and sets us apart in the Massachusetts municipal market. Most companies simply administer policies which can be limiting because a municipality’s Injured-On-Duty exposure can extend beyond Special Risk Accident insurance.

Our ability to advise on matters related to the Injured-On-Duty Massachusetts statutes is the result of knowledge and expertise that has been acquired over many years. We even helped pioneer a unique high-deductible Special Risk Accident insurance policy in order to help municipalities economically manage their Injured-On-Duty exposure.

For those municipalities that have elected to self-insure their Injured-On-Duty claims, we offer Injured-On-Duty claims administration services. For those cities and towns who have also secured Special Risk Accident insurance through Cook & Company Insurance Services, Inc., we provide complete policy and claim administration services.

Our ability to competently manage, track and report claims is attributable to our best-in-class, versatile and powerful Risk Management Information System, called Claims Manager®. It enables claims to be captured, administered and reported in a continuous, intuitive and efficient manner. This very contemporary platform also provides our customers with anytime-access to their information via customizable dashboards and reports, so they can monitor and track open claims, including bills paid and reserves. The first notice of incident can also be delivered electronically to our Injured-On-Duty team, allowing for more efficient and timely processing of injuries after they occur.

From the initial filing of the incident to final adjudication, Cook & Company Insurance Services, Inc. helps manage Injured-On-Duty claims for both our self-insured clients and those that also have Special Risk Accident insurance through our company.
Our claims management services include:
  • Medical Case Management
  • Review, coordination and tracking of medical treatment
  • Medical Bill Rating, Review and Fee Negotiation
  • Section 111 statutory Medicare reporting
Additionally, we assign a dedicated team to ensure that every customer receives hands-on, personalized and consistent service, which is the hallmark of Cook & Company Insurance Services, Inc.
We also arrange and coordinate the following services, as necessary:
  • Independent Medical Evaluation
For Massachusetts municipalities, we can also seamlessly integrate the administration of your Injured-On-Duty and Workers’ Compensation Plans for additional savings of time and money.
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