About Cook & Company Insurance Services, Inc.
Since 1981, Cook & Company Insurance Services, Inc. has gained a very deep understanding of the complex and scattered employee benefit statutes and regulations that are unique to Massachusetts. This greater perspective allows our customers to make more informed decisions and navigate the landscape with greater efficiency and security.

Since we also understand and appreciate the financial challenges that municipalities and private sector businesses face, our expansive and customizable portfolio of health plan consulting services, and administrative and claims management services have been refined over the years with one goal in mind; help our clients minimize risk and save money.

While our customers recognize and appreciate Cook & Company Insurance Services, Inc.’s expertise and broad scope of tailored solutions for Massachusetts employers, they also value our team of skilled professionals that provide a level of personalized, hands-on service that is lost today.

What can Cook & Company Insurance Services, Inc. do for you?

Minimize Risk
Quantify your liability and reduce exposure by giving specialized advice and consultation on Injured-On-Duty programs and how the local statutes, such as M.G.L. Chapter 41, Sections 100 and 111F impact you.
Save Money
Reduce your claim costs by aggressively managing your Injured-On-Duty and Workers’ Compensation injuries with clinical services and medical cost containment programs that are comprehensive and effective.
Ensure that you are adequately and affordably protected through developing the optimal mix of consulting, administrative and insurance solutions that best fit your situation.
Make your job easier by providing hands-on, personalized care and attention from our headquarters in Marshfield, MA.
Give you peace of mind by providing expert health insurance consulting services and being an extension of your employee benefits team.
Combine the administration of your Workers’ Compensation and Injured-On-Duty programs into one, consolidated administrative solution that is powered by a state-of-the-art technology platform.
Keep you better informed and ahead of the curve, by using our best-in-class technology to create your own dashboards and data reports.
Bring you highly rated insurance carriers to solve your Injured-On-Duty and Stop-Loss insurance needs.
Handle your mandatory Medicare reporting for Workers’ Compensation and Injured-On-Duty.
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